Petition for Photographer's rights! (Australia)

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Re: You owe him an apology... :)

Atheon wrote:

and anyone who supports these "proposed new laws" deserves to be

I'm willing to make that sacrifice to have my opinion heard. Feel free to educate me and help me to correct my seeming inability to use logic in examining the facts and coming to a conclusion.

Ya know, it doesn't a matter what a person says or does. Someone will criticize it. Some will agree. And those who agree will always find something else to criticize you for.

I learned to not let this bother me. I found it really sucks to try to live my life by doing and thinking only what others think is right for them and therefore should be right for me. The problem is that different people tell me different things in this regard. I never rely on the thoughts of others to make my decisions or form opinions. Most people are rather selfish and want others to be like them as a sort of proof they are doing the right thing.

I just looked at the facts and expressed my interpretation of them. If anyone who has not examined all the facts and thought about the big picture as I have, they can go ahead and express their more narrow minded analysis of the situation. I wouldn't want to do anything to curtail your right to do that. Please go right ahead. Doesn't mean I'll listen or care though. I have a good sense of right and wrong. Above all, I have integrity that is unwavering and enough intelligence to logically analyze an issue and form an opinion that I'm comfortable with. Mostly though, I don't care if anyone agrees with me. It's an opinion. I'm the only one who has to agree with it.

Usually I say what I think and never go back to that thread. Who knows what people are saying or thinking about me? I'll make a point of returning to this thread to see your criticisms, though. I'm quite willing to live with my opinion. You will surely not hurt my feelings or cause any psycological damage by criticizing my opinion in an attempt to make yours seem more valid. Call me names if you like. Tell me I'm stupid. But don't expect me to do what you are doing which is expressing my opinion and then stating that anyone who doesn't agree with me should be criticized simply to make it appear my opinion is the right one. I just say what I think. I know some people will think differently. I don't expect to change anyone's mind. I'm just expressing what is going on in mine. So I fail to see what you would critcize me for. And that is why I will not criticize your opinion.

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