1DIII Release Date??? Help!

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Re: Um...April yes but who said you get one right away?

The 5D does just fine. You would know this if you bothered to check before unloading your camera.

JaimeZ wrote:

The love here is overwhelming... Thanks! LOL

I have no problem picking up a 5d if needed for the May gig, so I
am not totally lost. I would have to sell it thereafter... I just
can not justify picking one up for a vacation, and I can't really
afford a backup. I have a 3-month old at home (my second). I also
don't want to open a can of worms by telling you that I have
attempted weddings with a 20d and it is worthless. Sorry, but for
getting critical shots, low light, moving subjects, blah, blah, it
just doesn't make the grade. My friend who shoots as my backup
with a pair of 20Ds is only able to contribute a handful of shots
to the final deliverable -and he taught me everything I know.
Based on what I've read here, even the 5d would make me nervous
save for the posed shots.

I really hoped to hit pay dirt with this question. I figured one
of you knows something... c'mon, create a new user account and let
us know!

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