1DIII Release Date??? Help!

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Re: 1DIII Release Date??? Help!

Honestly, it will be close to even have the camera by then..

Thats only 60 days away, and the camera is not out yet.. If released at the end of April, only the VERY 1st people on some VERY long lists will get it. I really hope I have mine before May, but I am NOT counting on it, and hope I have it before the 9 weddings I have in April

JaimeZ wrote:

Thanks for all of the replies. I do not make a living as a photog,
but do have side gigs on the books (weddings, family portraits,
etc.) I should have mentioned that the Toronto trip is for
pleasure only with the Red Sox in town for a few days (sorry!).
That said, I do have one job in mid-May, but I should have the cam
in hand by then?!

Funny you mention Piepul’s! I have heard nothing but good things
about them and live fairly close too. My dealer is Hunt's in
Hadley and I have spent a small mint there on glass and bodies. I
will see what they say about a loaner if I put a down-payment (or
more) on a mkIII.

Thanks again!

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