1DIII Release Date??? Help!

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Re: You are kidding, right?

Ben is in wrote:
In my opinion, it wasn't wise of Canon to name a specific month as
a release date and then change it to "spring." It may not bother
you, but it bothers some people.

I also don't think it was wise to state a specific price for which
the camera is to sell, and then yank it with no explanation. You
may say "well, they can do whatever they want."

While true, it's still a form of bait and switch if the camera ends
up selling for $4500. When I preordered, the price was $3999.
That's the price that was advertised.

Mike Collins wrote:

There is no one that knows when the MIII will be available. It
wasn't the wisest thing to sell your only camera before you knew
exactly when you'd be able to get a replacement. Even if Canon had
a published ship date, it could still change. There are a myriad
of things that could cause that to happen. I think if I were you
and needed a camera for an important event, I'd buy a used
camera... something less expensive with a lower pricing floor to
fall too... like maybe a 20D... and then just use it until the MIII
is available.

Yes there are all kinds of reasons to make something late and more expensive that's why you leave it vague and then you can do whatever you want...being specific and precise and sticking to it is the sign of a well run business otherwise...a word like "approximately" saves a lot of headaches...

I can't believe you shoot weddings and you don't have a back up camera...you might as well get a 20d, 30d or 5d...but don't sell them...shooting a wedding without a backup is a dangerous thing...if your camera goes wrong...the amount of heat you will get...woe...what's your back up plan...hopefully you have a film camera somewhere with a small mountain of film at all times...personally if you're not a pro that needs the speed of the mark III and I mean "need"...why not get a 30d and 5d...the ultimate package would of course be the 5d and mark III...good luck....
patrick tom

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