Underwater Olympus camera

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Good UW Olympus camera

For a P&S UW the SP-350 in the Olympus housing looks pretty good for the price. I have the C-8080 in an Ikelite housing with an Ikelite strobe. With that housing and strobe I get TTL flash control and can add a dome port over the wide angle WCON 08D auxilliary converter lens. That camera and the Ikelite housing set up is about as good as it gets in a P&S. If you can find a C-8080 then consider the Ikelite housing. A good friend of mine has the C-5060 in the Oly housing with an Inon D2000 strobe on an optical fiber slave sync chord. That works really well. The C-7070 in an Olympus or Ikelite housing is probably better than the SP-350.

The strobe is something you'll want before long due to the fall-off of light and color at depth so look at the systems available for the camera you choose. The Olympus FL-36 flash in a housing is too expensive for what you get, compared to the Inon, Sea&Sea or Ikelite strobes. Here are some links for more info:
http://www.digitaldiver.net (see the "strobe finder")
http://wetpixel.com (info and links)
http://www.reefphoto.com (good sales outlet)
Candid Photographer w/ C-8080

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