Should I buy 5 year warranty for Fz50?

Started Mar 13, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: Should I buy 5 year warranty for Fz50?

It all depends on the type of warranty:

If they will replace the camera with a new one within the 5 year period then maybe go for it if it isn't insanely priced.

Problem is:

1) They may not honor your warranty
2) They may not fix it properly if it breaks
3) They may give you a refurbished one that doesn't work properly
4) They may go out of business.

Generally extended warranties are a bad idea unless it is with a reputable company and it a replace with new warranty. Good luck with that.

And good Panasonic cameras like the FZ20, 30 and 50 DO NOT NEED TO BE REPLACED EVERY 2 YEARS. Nothing so fantastic has happened in the camera industry to make even a FZ20 obsolete. It is still a perfectly good camera capable of doing anything you need to do. I figure an FZ30 will be good for at least 5 years given the current market.

Pana cameras have lasting value and nothing is coming that will make them obsolete any time soon unless you want useless megapixels.


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