Faulty SP-550uz?

Started Mar 11, 2007 | Discussions thread
bdbx18 Senior Member • Posts: 1,088
Re: Faulty SP-550uz?

Unfortunately no, yours is likely 'not faulty'.
It is human nature to hope it is and not go through buyers remorse and such.

Like the Nikon S10 I recently returned, the sp550 is just not as good as the cameras before it. Some of us are diehard Oly fans and some have other digicams to use as a reference and some of us are plainly not that picky.

I am a big fan of big zooms prosumers and currently have a fz30 and tz1. Prior to that, I have had s3, s2, s1, fz10, fz7, fz5, pro90, pro90 (again), f717 e.g. And that's not counting the non big-zooms.

I just have to say that I shot exclusively in P mode, sharpness up to + 3 and I just could not get the sp550 to be as sharp as even my dearly departed fz5 pic of the same test locations. The sp550 clearly pales when compared to my rarely used fz30.

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