Petition for Photographer's rights! (Australia)

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Will tourism suffer?

Hi all,

I'm from Canada and planning a photo-trip somewhere sometime in August. After reading about would be plans to limit or restrict photography in Australia, I am seriously considering taking Australia off my list of potential places to visit.

I try and make 2 trips a year, and one of the deciding factor in choosing where to go is how good the photo opportunities are in that part of the world. I've long since accepted the fact that out of the tens of thousands.... of great place to see and photograph on this planet, I will only be able to visit a few hundreds at the most. Even if I take all of Australia off my list, there will still remain thousands of other area to travel to.

I wonder what the Australian Tourism Board thinks of those would-be laws?

IvaBigin wrote:

A new on-line petition has been created @

I urge all aussies to consider this petition carefully, as the
outcome of current discussions will effect everyone who takes

Petition Author: "We need to have as many people sign this as
possible. In a few weeks (assuming the petition is well supported) we
will arrange for it to be sent to all MPs within State and Federal
parliament. I'm sure there are a few of us that have regular contact
with politicians through work or private lives, so we need to start
using these connections.

Also, for members of other groups and clubs, please send this link to
them for their support."

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