SP-550...what's really important

Started Mar 9, 2007 | Discussions thread
drMichael Regular Member • Posts: 411
Re: SP-550...what's really important - Right

I, too, have the E-1, and have been struggling with what to take for traveling. I agree with Eddie...the camera you have in your hand is sure better than the one you didn't take with you. Touching and beautiful photo you took...thank you. I will either buy the new E-3 with the new 2.0, 14-35 ($2500 lens only?), or skip all that and put a G7 in my pocket! That said, how about your beloved Sp 550 vs Oly 510 with kit, vs new Sigma DP1 with the large Foveon sensor? (The poor man's M8?) Honestly, better to have something you'll take than what you tiredly left in your hotel room. I admire the work and comments of Lawrence Ripsher (a beautiful review of the SP550), but the G7 advocates speak strongly in their forums. Somehow the 550 lands between the E-3 and the G7 foir me. Then again, will the 410 with kit kill the 550?

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