New Canon interview on model replacing

Started Mar 11, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Sorry guys; and to reiterate

Well, if I had time I would have tried more of a translation, but these days.. jikan ga arimasen. That is why I tried to summarize what I thought were two key points. To reiterate and paraphrase Canon:

The 1 series is specifications driven. A single body would be nice from a point of view of limiting developing costs, but to cater to specialists like studio photographers (I assume here they mean commercial photography and not the shopping mall portraits) require them to break out the 1 series into two bodies, though they do not want to go farther than 2 bodies.

On the other hand the lower cost bodies, intended for amateurs and high amateurs, are designed to price. If you want more functionality in these bodies (the 400D and 30D replacement is implied) then they will cost more.

When contrasted by the interviewer with Nikon with their now three amateur body (under $1000) line, Canon replies... but look at how well we spec'd the 400D for the price.

The above arguments put forth by Canon (again, they are not new) indicate to me the basic philosophy behind the EOS product differentiation has not changed. This is probably not good news for those lusting after a 1.3x crop "3D" or an 8fps, 45point AF APS-C camera.


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