Petition for Photographer's rights! (Australia)

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Re: Petition for Photographer's rights! (Australia)

Convict people who actually use cameras for indecent purposes, BUT the governments like to make laws that make it easy for the Police to convict people while promising "trust us, we'll only use it on really bad people".

For many years in NSW if you get caught with any sort of knife (no matter how small) in a public place, the onus of proof is on you to prove you are carrying it with lawful excuse e.g. a butcher directly on his way to work. Carrying it to peel or slice food is not accepted. If you are found guilty you will have a criminal record for 10 years and face a $500 fine. Girls carrying small sewing scissors in their sewing have been charged.

"Innocent till proven guilty" is no longer valid in NSW.

The same could happen with photography - you may have to prove that the camera that happened to be lying in your bag with the lens facing upwards was not intended to be used for upskirting, to get out of being convicted under new laws.

I've seen too many "lets keep up the statistics" charges to trust the government in their "law and order" rampage.
Mike . Sydney, Australia

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