SP550 Birds

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Re: SP550 Birds

Hi John

The first 3 are undoubtedly soft but when you consider they, at least the Grebes from what I remember, were maxed out at both full tele and full digital - I thought that quite impressive.

Hopefully better to come when I can use my teleconvertor and don't have to resort to in camera digital enhancement (its like a drug using digital when photographing birds - I always want to get that bit closer and can't stop myself)

I thought long and hard about getting a DSLR rather than this camera - my prime interest is wildlife photography - I know with a fast lens you can obtain much better photos but I don't think I'm ready yet to carry around the heavy lens that I would need to get these shots or skilled enough to get true value from the expense if truth be told.

Who knows where we will be in the next five years when I upgrade again but for now its the right choice for me.

As for using the camera - compared to my C750 which I took along to get some comparison shots - the main advantages I could see were - the feel of the camera - it is excellent to hold, The image stabilization - there is no way I could have got these shots at maximumn digital zoom handheld with my 750, The focus lock I believe is again a big improvement - under these trees with branches hanging in front of the birds and dimimished light I wouldn't have got a lock previously, the viewing screen - you only realize how much of an improvement when you have it next to your old camera. I think there is definitely a learning curve with this camera to get the best out of it but for me, at the bottom of that curve, I'm pretty pleased so far.

Anyway - a couple more bird shots just to keep the momentum up - I can see quite a bit of degradation in these shots now unfortunatelly I'm assuming its down to the compression - could someone tell me what is the average file size I should post in this resepct - I'm trying to keep them as small as possible at the moment but not sure if I'm overdoing it now

Cheers again

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