Interesting 1DIII Info

Started Mar 9, 2007 | Discussions thread
AJ_Hynes Forum Member • Posts: 70
Yes, did you?

Ask for the price like it says, do something, instead of laying out a blanket remark! You will find out it says... $3999.00

Dave Chrismer wrote:

that you linked to?

See the note below, copied directly from their web page and note
that on the actual web page there is a line drawn through the 3999

Suggested Retail Price: 3999.95
Click to Request Price

Availability: Accepting Pre-Orders

Product Description:
Note: Canon has not yet officially announced the price on the
EOS-1D Mark III. Final pricing is subject to change. Your pre-order
is not charged to your credit-card and final authorization will be
needed by you once the official price has been announced.

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