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Re Pitman Photo

When I am not buying from B&H, I use Pitman in Miami for my local purchases. They generally have very good prices.

Re the first post, I am on the waiting list (actually #1 or 2 I believe - as I was physically in the store and asked to be put on before they had a list and before I left, info was taken by the manager. They were laughing as they had just gotten a fax re it.) They know me as I have bought a lot from them also. I highly recommend them if you need a local dealer.

A subsequent conversation with one of their managers reveiled that the initial dealer orders had been canceled by Canon, but that only meant they had to resubmit them, and the internal waiting list was still in effect and I was still on it. (Might have had something to do with a new order number reflecting the correct price.) Apparenty they order X number of cameras and then distribute according to their orders. As of our conversation two days ago, the computer showed the retail price as $4,299. Of course that doesn't mean the price is etched in stone.

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