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Re: Listed at Canoga Camera

Canon has not shot themselves in the foot. No matter what the price is, $3999 or $4499 USD, there will plenty of people lining up with cash in hand to pay whatever the price of admission is for the MkIII. For people who actually make a living off their cameras, the extra $500 won't make any difference, especially since they have to have it to compete with the other professionals who will be using it. And for those who have more money than anything else (take that any way you like it), they'll gladly pay whatever ot tales to be the first on their block to own one. For the rest of us, we'll either wait for the price to drop (which it will), or we'll get a bargain used MkII from those who upgraded.

Canon is very smart. After all, they are in the business to make a profit. And, it's not like they have any competition for the MkII (let alone the MkIII).

I think Canon just shot themselves in the foot.

Taking my name of the list.

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