guesses on sensor sizes in new Alphas?

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Re: guesses on sensor sizes in new Alphas?

barri wrote:

what are your guesses on the sensor sizes in the upcoming new
alphas? or is there even some clear evidence out there?
my guesses:
semi-pro model: APS-C

I've been sitting here with my 7D comparing the photos to it. This camera appears to be a reworked 7D, virtually the same in many ways. Mostly changes in top plate controls and removal of a redundent control. The critical ergonomics is still there. While the 7D size could hold up to a FF sensor (it's fairly large by 35mm film standards) I think it will be a APS sensor. Probably a much improved sensor compared the that in the A100, with new, improved electronics. I don't care between 10 or 12MP, it could even be lower and not bother me but it's probably one of those. Color and noise are more important than MP to me.

This is intended to be the 7D replacement we have been looking for. Hope it holds up to it's visual promise.

pro-model: FF

My first impression here was they were trying to imitate the look of a medium format SLR. That would imply a larger chip and more MP. However, another thought to why no built in flash is that the viewfinder will be designed to be removable and interchangeable with other optional viewfinders. That would be a pro feature, and would be attractive to many of us.

The pro model will, almost for sure, be way out of the price range I'm willing to spend. And in some ways it will be a simplified model compared to the 7 series, something Minolta did too. I'm actually glad this model was included, it will be the focus on the demand for highly expensive stuff for what's often specialized uses and save the mid model from that pressure.

Since this model still has antishake, and really is not that much different from the core of the 7D body, the photos don't lock it into any particular sensor. One can wish whatever they want, and in time (a year or more) we will know.


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