guesses on sensor sizes in new Alphas?

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Re: guesses on sensor sizes in new Alphas?

To go above 10mp, you really have to start considering larger sensors. Technology does march on, and someday they may find a way to reduce noise in semiconductors. When and if that happens is not knowable. From a practical point of view, there is a know solution today: larger sensors to increase signal to noise ratios. Aperture rules not only in lens, but also with photo diodes. True there are issues with corner falloff, chromatic aberrations at the extreme perimeters, lens resolving abilities, etc. But these are known quantifiable issues whose solutions have been in development and refinement for several years now.

Larger sensors are no longer a technical issue, but a business issue - finding the proper mix of investment, cost, pricing and volumes that allow a sustainable and profitable product line.

The market exists today and requires a solution using abilities of today. That is the only way companies can plan their product roadmaps. One can't put on their road map a mock-up camera with a plan that it will re-main a mock-up for the forseeable future until some day a magical solution will arise out of our labs. People lose their jobs for doing stuff like that.

Look at the aborted attempt by Pentax and Contax and finally Kodak. Projects that remain on the "prototype" stage too long get killed because there is no end in sight. The Contax disaster was a "hail Mary" to get it out there despite not having the solution in hand. They sure did beat Canon to the punch, didn't they? Unfortunately, the magical technology that they were hoping for from Phillips' R&D didn't arrive in time to save it.

Canon on the other hand played it right. They made the right tradeoffs of cost, investment, pricing, etc. so that the product was sustainable. Yes, we were all shocked by the initial price of the 1Ds. It was a necessary part of their plan. That is why they stand alone in the FF segment and are knocking on the doors of the medium format segment. And their plans are to migrate this downward into the 5D class. This is only possible because they planned it to be sustainable. And we as consumers will benefit from all this brilliant strategy with more choices. Sometimes, we just have to be patient - Rome wasn't built in a day.

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