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How to Zoom? The new AZ technology.


DTemp wrote:

Its a zoom... so it needs a zoom ring... but I dont really see one!
I mean theres a little ring behind the LCD but im assuming thats
focus since its tiny... how do you zoom this big mother?

Haven't you heard? It has the new AZ technology from Sigma. AZ is a very innovative technology. First Sigma thougt about using the LCD screen as a touchscreen, so you would press + or - on the screen to zoom. But they abandoned the idea, mainly because the battery consumption would be to big. A car battery would not last long. So, they went for a simpler design. As we all know, you rotate the back of the lens (with the camera on) for shooting portrait (as opposed to landscape). (I haven't really understood this - why not use a shorter lens for portraits. I thought 85mm was better?)

Now, Sigma has made the AZ feature so that you turn the camera several times - you actually winds up the zoom!

You wind it up to 500 mm, and then slowly release it again to zoom out. It is advised that you don't keep your eye very close to the viewfinder when doing this, for if you loose grip of the body, it will unwind it self all the way to 200 mm. It is a 2,5x zoom, so the camera will turn 2.5 times, of course. Enough to break any nose, and of course the noise will increase when you scream.
This unwinding can of course be used very creative.

By the way, you kind of loose control of the portrait/landscape thing when unwinding, and therefor will have severe problems keeping the horizon straight. Unless you go for the new Sigma SD-14, which have a sensor that rotates in sync. (A feature from the sensors Anti-Dust-Rotating-System)
With other cameras this will be a difficult thing.

Sigma aslo warns aagainst shooting handheld. It has been reported that the mechanism inside is so strong, that the unzooming easily can get out control. ANyone can think what could happen then.

Hope that answer your question.

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