guesses on sensor sizes in new Alphas?

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Re: guesses on sensor sizes in new Alphas?

I beleive that the latest development in the strategy and technology of sensrs wll be implemented in these two DSLR's:

a. The 7-grade DSLR shal benefit from the high-capture-rate technology SONY implemented in some new P&S, probabely a 10-12MP sensor capanle of 10FPS (per single stroke of the shutter).

b. The 9-grade DSLR shall show the fruits of SONY-KODAK collaboration in sensor technology - a 20~24 MP almost FF (1.2~1.1) sensor. This camera is intended for studio and fashuon photography wher top optics, huge enlarments and excelent colors are mostly required. I think this DSLR is amed to grab the leftovers from the medium format applications.

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