I Need Video Card Help

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Re: I Need Video Card Help

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

GaryM wrote:

The NewEgg card listed was nVidia so it supports nVidia's "nView"
(Similar to how ATI cards support Catalyst Control Center).

Something to keep in mind is the difference between "Dual DVI" and
"Dual Link"...In the future, should you go with large, high
resolution panels you will need "Dual Link" rather than "Single
Link". Most cards don't specify this.

the above card at newegg specifically says: "Dual Dual-Link DVI


Thanks Gary. Very helpful since the provided information is
something I did NOT know

Well that is a good point..but dual link DVI is not much to worry
about unless you are using moniors some way from the main pc..or
you are using very high resolution monitors......

Some more info here........


Thank you. I took a quick "look" on the site and will review in detail later.
Looks like very helpful information.

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