10 Mp vs 6 Mp do you own both cameras?

Started Mar 7, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Not an odd comparison :)

Thanks for the images, in my opinion is not an odd comparison, D200 jpg is 2,8 Mp and D50 is 1,6 Mp, so to make a fear comparison, you must output both to the same megapixels. Looking both image, zooming at 100%, I could not see any noticeable difference, here we can not enter in the discussion about how much to zoom, because the comparison have to be done at the normal usage, I mean, If I print in a page not bigger than the letter size or if I print in a standard size photo, like all the common 6 mp users will do.

About on camera sharpening, it has to be set up in -2 for both cameras, and do not applicate sharpening in photoshop, all of us has diverse monitors with diverse outputs, thus the sharpening result will be different for all of us, and the sharpening method you have to do to a 10 Mp is not the same for the 6 Mp, so I think is better to do the analysis without any postprocessing!...

Best Regards!

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