scanning underexposed negatives

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Bad Typing Correction....

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

Donato M Rondinelli wrote:

If the scanner says it will do millions of colors is that 8 or 16 bit?

These are really two different types of specifications.

Hopefully this will help. There are basically two bit structures 8
and 16. What this is referring to is that there are either 8 bits
per channel (Red, Green, Blue) which is a 24 bit image. The 16
bits (again) is 16 bits per channel resulting in 48 bit images.
The number of colors are really different since of course, the bits
(24 or 48) is basically the density or range for the various X
millions of colors.
A photo image scanned at 48 bits (16 per channel) will be twice the
size as if scanned at 24 bits, however; there are definite
advantages for scanning at 48 bits. Almost ALL of my Negate and

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Slide scans (I use an Epson Flatbed scanner) are using 48 bits.
Many adjustments in Photoshop are distructive and the 48 bit images
withstand the adjustments, with less problems, and better than 24.


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