Will Sony announce a new DSLR by the end of PMA?

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Re: Will Sony announce a new DSLR by the end of PMA?

Alex Escada wrote:

I think (don't have numbers) Minolta, KonicaMinolta and now Sony
are loosing ground since digital SLR become the trend.

I think Minolta was losing ground since some time after the x000 (7000, 7000i) series. Of course, once DSLRs hit the market, KM would have lost more ground, since they didn't take part in the race. Yet, what was a buyers market a few years ago has become a sellers market; used lenses are more in demand than ever before. Sony may have a tiny share of the DSLR market (as opposed to a small, but less tiny share of ongoing sales) but the market for good Maxxum lenses has only grown, not shrunk, in the last couple years.

It's true
that A100 take a big share when launched, but that were mainly
Minolta users starving for a new/update camera (and the
Mpixel/price factor).

I'm not so sure; I don't see why 5D/7D owners would be in a hurry to upgrade. But I've seen far more people on various KM/Sony forums new to the mount post-Sony than pre-Sony.

At present time I suppose A100 sales represent a small percentage
of the market, and as a Minolta/Sony user I must confess that for a
new comer doesn't make much sense to go with Sony, there are better
(newer) cameras, and more important, more complete systems.

Yes, Sony is presumably working on this ... it's a little disappointing that more isn't available yet, but I'm sure they're doing things the way they want; balancing time to market with feature set based on a strategy that's hopefully much more comprehensive than any of our "Sony should do this" rants

Anyway in this and other forums Sony/Minolta users are showing a
growing feeling of disappointment, and I suppose these people are
the ones that in the end spend money on new products.

I really wonder about that. I know there are a handful of advanced users who love their Maxxum gear and are dying for a really well-spec'd camera. But I tend to think these are in the minority; that most of the complaining is from people looking for warm fuzzies.

I maintain that Sony will show something for immediate or very
short release at PMA (2.5 (0.5 is a updated A100) bodies is my

They said last year 2 new bodies announced in '07. I predict nothing new or exciting (no bodies) at PMA. Which will, of course, cause untold agony over those in dire need of warm fuzzies, but doesn't actually suggest all the doom & gloom that will be predicted.

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