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Re: Spyder2express2.3.5 avaiable

Hi Robert,

Your conclusion about the Spyder2express and the Spyder2Pro software is right, it does'nt matter wat software you use. If you use the serialnr. of Spyder2Express, it acts as as Spyder2Express, if you use Spyder2Pro serialnr. then it acts as Spyder2Pro.

The Error 6 is related to not recognizing the Spyder itself. Maybe the software checks for serial or version of the Spyder.

I use an LCD screen and with the never versions of Spider2Express (with the 6500 Whitepoint) I never had good results. Always discolloration.

A good check for a well callibrated monitor is to check on a gray scale gradient.

If you do not see any discolloration in the gray scale then it's pretty sure your monitor is well callibrated.


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