50mm for 1/2 length/full length portraits?

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Halation is...

Does it have to do with focus ? Or is is just
a reduction in contrast? And is it true that
the halation is much reduced or gone at 1.8?

...the soft, "dreamy", low contrast haze that surrounds at least to focal point of an image. It's a result of internal flare from "unproperly" coated lens elements and reflection off of the AA filter back into the lens.

A good demonstration of it is this 100% crop:


This effect does not always manifest itself in the pics. It is highly dependent upon the conditions, but I don't know exactly how.

For example, compare the above 100% crop with this one below which was taken with the same camera and lens at the exact same settings:


Even PF (purple fringing) seems to be somewhat unpredictable. Compare the PF in the two 100% crops below -- very similar scenes with radically different levels of PF:



I don't pretend to know a lot about either halation or PF. I only know enough about both that I don't like either of them and want them out of my pics. : )

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Please feel free to criticize, make suggestions, and edit my photos. If you wish to use any of my photos for any purpose other than editing in these forums, please ask.

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