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AAK wrote:

canonuser100 wrote:

If i had a D-slr i would allways be afraid of damaging something or
scratching it, but I am more relaxed having a cheaper camera and
therefore more willing to bring it with me, and borrowing it to
friends and familymembers.

You are so right, and I've never heard anyone say that before. I
treat my DSLR and lenses like they're Faberge eggs, with extreme
care, delicacy and lots of padding. I would never allow anyone to
borrow any of that equipment.

I treat my cameras roughly. I go out hiking and bang them against rocks, I shoot them in the rain and snow. I change lenses where I want, when I want. I'm hard on equipment. There is no reason to pamper quality gear. I have over 40,000 clicks on my old 300D. It is scratched and blemished. It has been in sandstorms and snowstorms. It works as well now as the dy I purchased it.

I own 2 20D's. I bang them around pretty good.
I own a 707 with God knows how many clicks on it. Still perfect.
My 35 year old AE-1.. Perfect..
My iPod with it's nice shiny back? Scratched and abused. Still perfect.
My laptop? Takes a real beating. Still perfect.

I avoid the purhase of anything that feels flimsy or cheesy. If it feels solid it probably is.

I have owned gear that could not withstand the beating I give it. I throw it away when it breaks. It can't be trusted. After years of experience I have come to know what can take the beating and what can't.

I never baby anything. Not my style. I have paid the price for this, but what I own I trust to work whenever and wherever I need it to work.


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