New news on 1dsIII from Canon - NOT soon!

Started Mar 3, 2007 | Discussions thread
Seaclam Senior Member • Posts: 1,703
Re: Pure speculation

If Nikon does have such a camera coming out soon at 18-20 MP's and they can fix their noise issues too, then they prettty much have caught up to Canon. I think it would be a huge jump for them if they can come in with it at the build/IQ level of the 1dsmk2 or better. It would force Canon to quit sitting on their coat-tails and possibly lower their prices. You'd definetly see them bring out the 1dsmk3 in response. If this all was the case, one can only hope Canon has an incredible winner in the new 1dsmk3 and it shines WELL above what the supposed Nikon could do.

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