New news on 1dsIII from Canon - NOT soon!

Started Mar 3, 2007 | Discussions thread
denisb Contributing Member • Posts: 993
Pure speculation

I think that Canon wait to see if Nikon release they long awaited d3H with near Full Frame sensor (1.1x).

I hope this is the reason.

If Nikon don't release the D3, maybe Canon will release a 1DS MKIIN with dust protection and Digic III (same sensor, and everything else) !

If Nikon release the D3 with the supposed 22MP sensor, Canon will release the new one with the same kind of MPix !

We will see by march 11th.

Information on the rumours of the Nikon D3 is here :

if you look, you will see that Nikonians have changed the name of they forum for "D1/D2/D3 Users Group", it was "D1/D2 Users Group" last week.

Anyway, I know nothing, it just speculation, because i was in the mood to buy a FF with Dust Protected sensor this year.
Well, may be next year !

Denis B.

You can disagree with everything I just said, it's your right, but I will defend to the death my right to say it !
If you find my english wrong... you are right !
But my photos are right, see them, critique them !

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