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Re: Excellent analysis!

Osku wrote:

Thom Hogan wrote:

pixels than I'd get by switching to a 1DsII (yes, I know that will
trigger some response; to peempt that: simple answer, 3x2 panos at
five exposures run through Autopano Pro).

Ok, so how do you keep this setup leveled? I assume the leveling
should be between the two rows. (I have so far used single row
stitching for that reason). Do you down sample the shot at the same
time to make up for the need to control those distortions? (10-20

If you look at Autopano Pro, you'll see that the images do not need to overlap perfectly. It is quite capable of joining images with minor movement since it was made to join images using different focal lengths.

But if you want close, I'd suggest you looking at the Really Right Stuff website. They have heads, clamps and plates that are designed to help with taking Pano images.

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