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Re: Excellent analysis!

ecube wrote:

I am pleasantly surprised that you are an excellent analyst as you
are a photographer par excellence.

Actually, photography and analytical skills go together. Photography is about observation. Analysis requires observation. Great photography is about communicating what you observed, after making hundreds of finite decisions about how to capture what you observed. Great analysis is about communicating what you observed.

Funny how things intersect sometimes. I just answered someone's email question, which was "Can you send me your settings for shooting sports?" No, I can't. I MIGHT be able to tell you some of the things you need to consider when shooting sports (such as make sure that you understand the difference between release priority and focus priority and consider which is the right one for the sport you're shooting), but the reason we all buy SLR/DSLR bodies in the first place is so that we can make appropriate choices for what we observe and want to communicate.

In my experience, the great photographers have been great analytical minds, as well. Indeed, Galen used to be able to speak intelligently about just about any subject that came up because he was like a sponge for information and good at analyzing it. Ansel Adams didn't invent the Zone System by chance. HCB's photos were spot-on analysis of the "perfect moment" to capture and embody a street scene.

And another angle: I also answered YAWDYSC (Yet Another Why Don't You Shoot Canon) question. Well, because I've analyzed how I shoot and what I shoot and compared the two systems pixel by pixel, button by button, lens by lens. For what I like to do, the only Canon that's remotely tempting is the 1DsII, and that simply for extra pixels. But by analyzing and understanding my D2xs, I simply adopted a different shooting technique and now get more DR and more pixels than I'd get by switching to a 1DsII (yes, I know that will trigger some response; to peempt that: simple answer, 3x2 panos at five exposures run through Autopano Pro). But if I were to go back to shooting basketball and indoor sports, I think I'd be shooting that with a Canon.

Analysis (not the Freudian kind) is our friend... ; )

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