Nikon's PMA DSLR announcement

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Nikon's PMA DSLR announcement --- bah, humbug!

jeff-c wrote:

Sixsigma wrote:

Come on! How could Lao Niu be so sure about the reliability of such
"source"? If true, how come Nikon camera developers were so stupid
in bring out a D40 in such a rush? How many D40 kits have been
sold and how much profit has come to Nikon before the announcement
of "D40x"?

Sources, not source, okay?

As far as reasoning you will need to ask Nikon. My speculation
would be Nikon wanted to catch the Christmas shopping season and
either the 10mp version is not ready or they have supply issue with
Sony for the 10mp chip, or Nikon has bought too many 6mp chips.

Anyway, just wait for a few days we will find out. I am just a

Precisely! since it is just a few days, why did you bother bringing it up? Reminds me of TV plugs "you heard it first on FGHJ TV".

Against my better judgement, I waste time on this type of forum, speculative forums.

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