K100d battery issue again: facts and figures

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I've sent my camera in for Pentax to look at

Don't say I don't listen. I bought 2 sets of Eneloop, 1 Maha Charger with individual charging circuit, and 1 Vanson charger with discharge function. I think I have done everything I could and have spent more than what I needed to spend, but yet I am still annoyed by the battery performance. Even with Eneloops, the total picture count in 1 charge is good, around 400 with lots of flash, but the camera would shut down whenever it wanted to. Upon powering off/on it would show full charge again. I followed this thread and tested my old 2100 Energizers, each of the 4 showed 1.3V after the "battery depleted" message. I will not settle with the CRV3 or lithium solution because I bought this particular model to use rechargable AAs. Call me stuborn if you wish.

Called Pentax and they gave me the typical "CRV3 solution" but gave me an option to send it in. I dropped it off to Pentax Canada in Mississauga and talked to the technician. He did not admit this is a common problem nor there is a bad badge, but agreed that my camera should not perform like that. He took a series of quick shots, camera didn't shut down like it may sometimes do (once it happened after 15 shots) but the battery indicator kept changing from full to half to full, all over the place. So bottomline, he did not use the "everything is fine" or "this is how NiMh is" line. Using figures from this thread, I mentioned the cut-off voltage to him, he did not say whether it is something they can adjust but he said that's the area he's going to look at.

It has only been 2 days since I sent it in and I should get it back no later than 10 days. If anyone is interested, I can report back once I hear from Pentax. BTW, so far I am very please with Pentax's tech. They didn't make me send the camera to "authorize service center", I am dealing with Pentax's repair department directly, and the tech there is very patient with my problem. Thumb up!

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