K100d battery issue again: facts and figures

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Re: Sony Rechargeable Batteries

I got my K100 a couple of weeks ago after having the Nikon D40 for about a month and a half, hoping for a better camera in terms of metering and WB. I charged up 4 Sony 2500 STAMINA batteries, which I use on my Sony H1 (they are relatively new - less than 6 months old with low usage) and put them in the camera. Powered it on and took a few shots...no problem. The day after I took the camera to work but it would not power on. The batteries were completely discharged. I replaced them with 4 POWEREX 2500 and they worked much better. In the meantime, I recharged the Sony's and once I ran out of juice on the POWEREX, I tried the Sony once again. The same exact thing happened. The camera powered on a couple of times and then the batteries died. I charged them up and put them on the H1...they seem to be just fine. Today I found this thread and after reading all about battery measurements, I thought...you've got to be kidding...no camera can possibly be worth that much trouble, so what gives? Well, my solution is much simpler...I'll sell this piece of s* and keep my D40!!! Thanks to all of you for helping me make up my mind!!!

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