Sigma 100-300 Vs Nikon 80-200

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Re: Sigma 100-300 Vs Nikon 80-200

I owned both, also looking for more reach. After a few months, of shotting them side by side, I quickly sold the 100-300 and jumped in deep on a 120-300 2.8. The sharpness is equal to the 80-200 in most shots, and the full stop faster than the f4 version makes it useful in low light situations. If you shoot night sports at all, you'll regret the move to the 100-300 f4. If you only shoot brightly lit outdoor stuff and you can keep the 100-300 off of f4 (5.6+ to be safe) its a decent lens. It does focus fast, but isn't the sharpest tack in the bunch. If you can swing it, find yourself a 120-300 2.8.

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Sigma 120-300 f2.8 HSM
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