A710- differences between modes

Started Feb 23, 2007 | Discussions thread
JonathanCalvert Regular Member • Posts: 105
Softness in Images - Superfine gets turned off in Scene Mode

If your images seem softer when using Scene Modes, it may be because the PowerShot series turn off Superfine mode when using Scenes.

If you normally shoot in P(rogram) mode with Superfine set (which gives the best quality images), switching to a scene mode gives a picture of around half the resolution (check the number of frames available at the lower right of the display in both modes - in Scene mode you will have around twice as many available).

Using P mode, exposure compensation and the effects such as Vivid (to boost saturation e.g. when shooting wildlife), you can get higher quality shots with very little extra effort - and you'll be making the most of the cameras capabilities.


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