Reason for 40D no show at PMA.

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Reason for 40D no show at PMA.

Interesting info for anyone that was hoping for the 40D and/or didn't like the bad smell created by those 'leaked' specs.

A thread on M1randa came out with the following info about it.

"#1 - Canon underestimated the drop in the demand for the 30D and has significant stocks, so that they made a late decision to defer the 40D, drop the price of the 30D and market it strongly (lens packages, D80 like pricing in some markets etc). They now intend to have 4 DSLR announcements in the year of the EOS 20th anniversary – beginning March 2007 and ending February 2008. The 1D III (done), the 40D (mid year), the 1Ds III (August / September 2007) and the 5D replacement

  1. 2 - Canon had the 40D ready to go and ran the specifications (10.4mp 1.6 crop, Digic III, Antidust etc) past some very influential buyer reps and got the feedback that this would be a “me too” camera, seen as a catch-up to the competition with nothing much to differentiate it. This was not acceptable to Canon in the 20th anniversary year, where Canon’s DSLRs needed to be seen as defining the market. So they have sent the camera back for some specification updates and plan a release later this year. Updates being considered included 3 inch LCD, limited weather sealing, Wi Fi attachment option (as per the 1D III) and the next generation 12mp sensor. They may even surprise people by skipping the 40D name (e.g. 50D or 60D to make a point) "

Good thing they pulled it imho.

However, personally, after an additional 6mth wait, 'just' a 12mp sensor and limited seals without major AF improvement will still not be good enough for me. I wouldn't care about the '40D' spec if there was a '3D' with a more comprehensive spec.

Regarding the additional features suggested in that quote: IMHO another fraction of an inch on the LCD is irrelevant and if that's a major part of the upgrade plan, Canon need to stop treating customers like idiots.

Bigger LCD’s are easier to damage, use more power and leave less space for other controls (like all those customisable buttons they need to put on there first) whilst offering NO improvement whatsoever in terms of the image you capture.

Now, if the cam has live view, ok the LCD use will change and larger would be a little better esp for MF.

Think about this: Eos 3 film body costs $850 now $500 more than Eos30 film. Differences include full sealing, 45 point pro AF with precision to f4 and AF to f8 AND eye control (ECF). Also higher frame rate.

So, you can say that all those features combined cost under $500. So, how come we Canon users can’t get them in a digital body for less than $4k?!
400D + $500 = ?
30D + $500 = ?
5D + $500 = ?

Before someone incorrectly says the Eos 3 isn't sealed, please check Canon's site here:
On the left, scroll down and click Eos 3.

Anyone have any other ideas about 40D no-show, or a reasonable spec for the eventual and long overdue 20/30D successor?

Choose any/all from the following list of available features many of which have been around since film and most of the rest are firmware. A FEW (like seals, pro AF and higher frame rate) we know the cost of as proven by the Eos 3 example above. So PLEASE no pretending they'd be too expensive!

More res
More speed 6fps with 8fps 2x crop
New AF with precision to f4 and AF to f8 (centre point).
Bigger buffer - 15 shot minimum.
ISO 6400
Built in wireless flash
One touch MLU
Live view
MLU triggers live view

Tiltable LCD to allow LV to be used as WLF for all sorts of shooting/review improvements.
User programmable high ISO.
User customisable buttons.
Weather Seals
Quiet mode
Real built in AF illuminator
Larger LCD
ECF (Eye Controlled Focus)
New 50m range radio remote trigger bundled with cam.

Only a dust shaker if it ACTUALLY WORKS - and apparently it does not in which case reduce the price and/or add something more useful instead.
All of the above

Add anything else you can think of or want that I've missed.

This is a useful exercise for Canon to see what you want.

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