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Re: The intentional and the incidental

greentoe wrote:

One thing I've perceived is the more clearly marked Nikon floor
presence in some stores.... very bold and dominant yellow coverings
on the tables with really big "Nikon" printed on them... positioned
strongly for the walking traffic. Perhaps there is really a
strategy purely from a marketing perspective and having less to do
with technology.

Don't mistake spending on presence and visibility as "marketing." Nikon most decidedly has done a better job at shelf space positioning and has certainly increased their visible advertising. But marketing is also about "message," and that's typically where Nikon falls flat. The best they've done in this respect recently has been the D80 Flickr shooter ads. Those show both some subtle and obvious messages for a change, and are reasonably well executed.

But none of the camera companies have yet come up with a clear marketing message that is executed in the products (or vice versa) and that runs across their lineup. Some day someone will figure it out and get a clear advantage. Look at the Apple I'm-a-Mac-I'm-a-PC ads an example of something that stands out. Note that those ads don't even speak to a specific product (iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, etc.)! Yet they are still very powerful in the message they convey. What does "Sony" mean in imaging? What does "Nikon" mean? And do the digicams execute it the same way the DSLRs do? The answer to those questions are: I don't know, and no, respectively. Any marketing guy will tell you those aren't good answers.

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