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Re: Why keep 5 year old chip?

imbsysop wrote:

pjv wrote:

You're actually expecting specs from manufacturers on this? Just
take a look at any review site (including this one)! Make sure
to either look at RAW samples, or to check for detail smearing from
excessive noise reduction.

Yeah sure .. the easy way out as I expected .. ever heard of Sony
CX News for example ? Guess not .. rather make "it is generally
accepted that .. " claims

Detailed testing from every professional review I've seen published so far is NOT the same as 'it is generally accepted that'. If you think so, then we really have nothing to discuss here.

Oh well .. having a sensor spec sheet and understanding it are 2
unrelated things ..

Do you have one then? Do we even know exactly which sensor make/model is used in these cameras? I doubt it, so testing is probably the only option. If I'm wrong and you do have one, please show me the datasheet and I'll happily point out the applicable section for you (should it contain the relevant information, of course).

Not that it really bothers me what you believe -- I'm just relating
my own experiences here. Take from it whatever you want.

Of course .. and actually I do not care about this sort of
non-information that is backed up by absolutely nothing ..

As opposed to your 'ICT' experience-based opinion? LOL.

I'm hardly advocating that people just go out and upgrade their systems before buying a 10MP camera here, only that they should be aware of the potential performance differences (especially with older hardware). Since I have personally seen such a difference with hardware less than two years old, I hardly think it's an issue that can just be ignored for most people.


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