Nikon's PMA DSLR announcement

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David Chin Forum Pro • Posts: 11,670
An interesting read - thanks! (nt)

keemra wrote:

David, as a long time resident of Japan I can tell you that smaller
and lighter is definitely better here, and that tiny little D40 is
about as small and light as you can find in a DSLR. Many people,
including yours truly do not own cars, so you have to carry
whatever you are going to use, and it gets heavy very quickly. I
have been thinking for a while of upgrading my D70 to a D80, but I
picked up the tiny D80 in the store yesterday, and boy, it sure is
attractive. But, I have 7 lenses at present, and only 1 of them
would auto focus on the D40, so..... I am still thinking.

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Regards, David Chin
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