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Re: Converting orf to dng...

Ned Fleming wrote:

I would advise everyone to read what Joseph Wisniewski has written
about DNG and compare.

In that case, also read some of the other things he has said about DNG:

Here, the statement "Except that raw converters only support DNG that's converted from raw file formats that they already understand" was incorrect:

Here, the statement about "EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM THAT SUPPORTS DNG" was incorrect:

In this one, the statement about dcraw was incorrect - I have provided a link below that provides more information:

Note the theme here: the statements above erroneously denied that DNG holds camera details that enabled raw converters to process the images without needing camera model details built-in. I've described this ability at length here:

(What makes this strange is that no other raw file formats offer this capability. So even if the statements were correct, why would this be a criticism of DNG compared with other formats? It would simply make DNG "no worse than others". But - those statement are incorrect).

Barry, what is your relationship to Adobe?


There are some relevant statements on that page:

"I have no commercial relationship with Adobe, other than being a user of some of their products".

"DNG isn't a commercial product - it is a free-to-use file format".

"I intend to evolve these pages as the most comprehensive independent source of information about DNG on the web".

"If you know of errors in my pages, please let me know, with suitable supporting material, and I'll correct them".

"These pages identify both the advantages and disadvantages of DNG".

"You may not agree with all of my opinions. If you publish an alternative position in some consolidated form, such as a web page, (rather than responses in forums), please let me know and I'll link to it".

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