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Re: Why keep 5 year old chip?

Well, I've actually tested it with my PC (6MP is quite doable, 10MP
RAW files chug like you wouldn't believe, the less said about 12MP
the better) and I [...]


Pete, what PC conf do you have ?

I recently "built" a PC system from components, a sub $1,000 system based on Intel Core2 Duo 6300 and 2GB RAM (very fast RAM, though). I also have a Mac powerbook. I can tell you I process also CR2s (or CRs) from my friend's Mark II and the speed is ok. My D80 RAWs are up to 10 or 11 MB. Speed is quite ok in Lightroom and NX also.

Please also note that for a month or so my PC system worked on single channel because I bought only 1 RAM dimm at the beginning. The speed was also ok even though Intels are famous for their bandwith needs.


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