Nikon's PMA DSLR announcement

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and as well....

consumers tend to forget that in a market where components are commodities across different manufacturers (eg. Sony sensors in Nikon bodies) the procuring company is in a way at the behest of the provider in terms of what components they can wrap their products around. In Nikon's case , Sony is a major source for the sensors in their most lucrative (volume and profit) models, if Sony's internal machinations has them EOL'ing the 6mp lines to produce the 10mp ones for the same price. Nikon can either insist that Sony provide them the 6mp for their current model but PAY the premium to keep Sony's line open OR Nikon can quickly re engineer a modified "x" version of the body around the new sensor, boost the price a bit and sell it without incurring additional procurement costs for the sensor. The price boost a result of the fact that they will have to recoup redesign costs and component upgrades to maintain body performance characteristics like fps, buffer size, speed..etc.

Sometimes a company does things because they have to and not because they necessarily want to. Nikon would probably not have had the gun to their had if they produced their own sensors but they don't have their own lines leaving at the mercy of their supplier.


Greg Terzian wrote:
Explain this logic, if you will. So, Nikon should hold back
development? IF they upgrade the D40, current D40 owners still got
they researched and paid for. End of story.

the911s wrote:

Honestly, I'd be a little annoyed. That's called s#!tting on your
customers. Even if they increase the price a bit, you should really
wait a while before directly upgrading a camera that doesn't have

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