Nikon's PMA DSLR announcement

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Re: I think that is it exactly.

David SL wrote:

If true, this is the only reason I can see Nikon retooling the D40
after such a short period of time. Sony told them something akin to
"if you want more of those 6mp chips you'll have to pay MORE for
them since we are fabbing them down or you can take the 10mp ones
for the same price , what say you?" Obviously an easy choice for
Nikon despite the fact that they would have had to reengineer the
data pipeline of the D40 to accomodate the bigger chip. In order to
keep the same fps, shot to shot and buffering and timing
performance (assumed) as the D40 the D40x will have to up it's
components and this leans away from the x model having the same
price as the current D40 even if the chip procurement cost is the
same. My bet is it will be boosted in price relative to the D40 ,
the existing stock of D40's will sell away and the D40x will be
poised to compete with the 400D.

I'd bet majority of the electronics inside D40 is same as the D80, probably even the D200. They all have two processors: one for camera body control and the other for graphic processing. It's known fact the camera body CPU is from Fujitsu (CPU B) and the graphic chip is from NEC. This can be confirmed by doing an ASCII dump of the D40 and D80 firmware and look for Copyright notice.

Again from production cost stand point of view it makes sense for the manufacture to use same CPU/processor chips across product line. Canon boosts its DIGIC chip being used in all their cameras, from compact type to the high-end professional one.

And this D40x upgrade is probably planned way before D40 was launched and they probably already have the design done back in last December, just waiting for Sony to tell them when to switch.

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