Nikon's PMA DSLR announcement

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Why keep 5 year old chip?

I think 6mp's has lived on long enough. Its time for 10 and above from now on. Look at p&s cameras, even they have more than 6 mp's always.

If they can get 10mp's to take good clean high ISO...or even as good as the past chips...Then why not?

6mp is DEAD!

jeff-c wrote:

Clint Thayer wrote:

The picture quality is stunning, the dynamic range is first rate
and very agreeable ISO up to 1600. In fact, this model takes better
pictures than my D200 does at higher ISO's. I'm just afraid that by
replacing the chip with a 10MP one, the diffractions limitations
take place and we lose that extraordinary ISO 1600 capability,
which in the D40 retains excellent color saturation.

I am with you. In fact I now bring the D40 with me than the D200 in
trips because the high ISO capability.

To me personally the D200 is better than D40 in one major aspect:
speed, both in terms of focusing and continuous shooting.

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