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Re: I agree that it's the highest quality convertor of the two...

How would you approach taming the noise if you're shooting low
light moving subjects in a club, so let's say you're stuck with
1600 ISO 1/80th at f2.0.

maybe you are underexposing.

my Nikon cameras are loaded with UniWB and linear "custom" curve. that allows to see histogram that actually reflects raw data and thus to judge exposure better.

I do not bump exposure in camera, instead I push in processing raw (but not with ACR of course, ACR eV compensation is non-linear and brings too much noise). D2X is staying at ISO 320

my LCDs are marked with eV to know how much to compensate.

I have hot mirror filters on the lenses to prevent chromatic noise in shadows which is caused by IR contamination.

raw converter I use is much slower then Nikon Capture, but less noisy.

before I started to use all of the above I was shooting parties with 1D, but was not satisfied with color and details at high ISO settings.

yesterday I received S5 which from the first shoot shows a lot of promise in low light. but it focuses slower then I like and fps is also lower then what I'm used to.

maybe to use pro cameras we need more expensive computers. 1Gb RAM may be not enough even to run WinXP in an efficient manner.

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