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I agree that it's the highest quality convertor of the two...

...but my main problem with it is it's speed.

The fact that ACR shows almost realtime adjustments to thumbnails and preview images is excellent.

If I copy settings from one image and paste them into thumbnails in a multi-image window in NC, the other thumbnails don't even update! I think that's rubbish frankly.

Also, ACR runs at a decent speed on my laptop and Nikon crawls along and eats all of my RAM at the same time. Also rubbish.

I have a P4 2.8 with 1GB RAM (full up) and I really expected not to have to be considering a brand new laptop just to run NC.

It does give the best results (generally), but the highlight reccovery is still behind ACR in terms of subtlety ( the transitions seem very fake and polarized) and I really have problems with the noise.

How would you approach taming the noise if you're shooting low light moving subjects in a club, so let's say you're stuck with 1600 ISO 1/80th at f2.0.
I haven't found a way yet and your advice would be welcomed.
Dave H
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