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Re: the rental factor

For me, the fence just collapsed.

I took my 7D on holliday last week with family and friends on a Disney cruise. The camera worked fine the day before the trip, but the first day - waiting to get on the boat, I tried to take a picture of my friends daughter with Goofy, turned the camera on, and got the dreaded 'vibrating'. It would focus, but not fire.

This had happened once before (whilst still under warranty), and was repaired by KM. (According to the repair form, the shutter/AS mechanism was replaced).
The warranty has long since expired.

I bought a Nikon D200 with the 18-135 kit lense.

I did consider trying to send it in for repair, but after failing twice (the first was at a wedding), my confidence level is not high.

I have truly enjoyed the 7D, they are great cameras, with exceptional skin tone replication, and intuitive ease of use.

I also would like to thank the insight of the many folks that have posted over the last few years in this forum, there have been some great topics and pictures (excepting any mention of the whole 'lazy eye' debacle!), not to mention some real characters.


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