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Re: What is UniWB

Thanks Julia, I will be very interested to experiment with this. Our Australian daylight is so intense that anything which assists with attaining precise exposure will be of great benefit. I expose for the highlights but the sacrifice at the shadow end is extreme. Nikon Capture seems to be excellent for RAW conversion but I found Bibble best for retrieving 'lost' highlight detail (much too complex an interface to suit my needs so I didn't buy it). NC seems merely to substitute a light grey for the highlights when using the Highlight/Shadow tool.

Julia Borg wrote:

digitall wrote:

Julia, could you clarify something? When the UniWB is uploaded to
the camera (D2X in my case) this becomes the current preset (D-0).

you can use NC/CameraControl to record it as any pre-set. or, you
can copy UniWB from a NEF/JPG image taken with UniWB to d1-d4

And in Nikon
Capture the white balance has to be carried out by using the Set
Grey Point from the drop down menu and selecting a neutral grey in
the image.

yes. alternatively, you can take a setup image with Auto WB, or
presetting WB from grey card/expodisk/etc. and use NC to copy white
balance from setup image to actual shot.

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