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Re: WB Before and After shooting - RAW


I just thought I should qualify my previous statement, 75% of my work is PR and during a session I could be inside with flash sometimes direct sometimes bounced then outside in the sun with fif then some without fif then in the shade with and without fif, it obviously depends on the subject as to which setting I may use, so there isn't time to stop and keep looking at histograms infact I only look at the images after each sequence of 3 or 4 images just to make sure thay have been recorded and in very bright conditions I check to ensure the highlights are not blown, I have saved all the settings in CS2 for the optimum conversion to Tiffs, before changing to digital I shot a lot of transparencies, no preview no histograms etc just experience of when and how much exposure compensation to use, digital does not need to be difficult or complicated just apply the same rules you would shooting transparencies and get to know your raw conversion software inside out, an average PR shoot is usually anywhere between 50 and 150 images so getting it right is essential if I don't want to spend all evening on the computer.
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