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another way, no NC needed

in his e-mail Tony Beach suggested a simple way to load UniWB into the camera, without the use of Nikon Capture.

"At DPR you said the only way to install the uniWB was to use Nikon Capture. I have a simple image taken with it using my D200 that can be downloaded and installed into another D200 by simply copying it into an existing D200 folder of a CF card."

here is the image he kindly put online:


save it to your hard drive.

"Next take a CF card from your D200 and place the file in the subfolder below DCIM marked ???ND200 so that your camera can “see” it. Go to your camera’s Shooting Menu and to White Balance; then select White Balance preset and choose d-1, d-2, d-3, or d-4 (but not d-0) and select it; scroll down to Select Image and choose the loaded image and press enter. The selected preset is now uniWB."

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